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Scholarships & Awards

The above link is a compiled list of scholarships. However, Mrs. McCord, the senior counselor, will still email all scholarship opportunities available through the county to your school email. If you have any questions regarding scholarships, please contact her via email with your questions or to schedule an appointment.
Complete this form so that counselors and other recommenders know your school and community involvement, goals and aspirations, and your strengths. This will help them in writing the best letter of recommendation for you. Click the link below.
Scholarships, financial aid, college and career planning
HOPE and Zell Miller Scholarship Information
Required for most loans, grants and scholarships
Determines Estimated Family Contribution (EFC)
Scholarship Database:  Click here.
Scholarship Search
Provided by College Board
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Eligible Scholarships
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College Choice
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If error message or "page not found" appears, try searching for the scholarship by name. Some links may not have been updated with current websites.
Scholarships for Achievements
Portfolio based
Start earning in 9th grade
Save time on applications
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Scholarship Listing
Various deadlines
Scholarship Listing
Various deadlines
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Thurgood Marshall College Fund Scholarships (Various scholarships and deadlines)
Ron Brown Scholar Program (Supporting African American juniors, seniors and their parents and counselors during the college preparation and selection process)