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Counselor Information

Karin Edwards, Counseling Secretary
Karin Edwards, Counseling Secretary
706-447-2102, ext 4420
The Counseling Office is located in 915C.
In order to best serve all students, students may visit the counseling office before school or after school without a pass or during his/her assigned lunch with a pass from the administrator on cafeteria duty. Students must have a pass from their teacher at any other time. Students may make an appointment with their counselor by email or through Mrs. Edwards, the counseling secretary.
If there is an emergency, students should see Mrs. Edwards in 915C
so that she may direct the student to the best available resource.
                    Counselor Contact Information
Amanda Riggs
(Class of 2027)
Email:[email protected]  Phone: (706) 447-2102, ext. 4429
Meredith Moonau
(Class of 2026)
Phone: (706) 447-2102, ext. 4427
auNolan Norris
(Class of 2024)
Phone: (706) 447-2102, ext. 4425

auKaren McCord
Success Counselor 11/12
Phone: (706) 447-2102, ext. 4423
Rhonda Marschalkau
(Class of 2025)
Phone: (706) 447-2102, ext. 4424
Brandi HigginbottomUSC
Success Counselor 9/10
Phone: (706) 447-2102, ext. 4422
Glenda Sloan
Military Family Life Counselor (MFLC)
Rachele Ferons,au
Student Support Counselor
Phone: (706) 447-2102, ext. 4426
Ashley Prince
Registrar/Assistant Principal
Phone: (706) 447-2102